Weather & H2O

All weather graphic information presented above is from the Unisys Weather Server 

Current & Forecast

The links below provide current and forecast weather from the Unisys Weather Server for those cities. Clicking on the link will open a new browser window.

View your current local weather & forecast from the Unisys Weather Server by entering a zip code in the form below:

Enter a zip code to get weather data:

Current & Seasonal
7-day Average Streamflow
(USGS Water Watch)

Click to access current real-time streamflows
(online H2O gages)

30 Day
Precipitation Outlook

(NOAA, Climate Prediction Center)

Click for larger image

U.S. Drought Monitor

Click for larger image
Read reports on drought conditions throughout the U.S at: U.S. Drought Monitor – Graphic presentations with regional impact summaries.

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