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The NPMB Paddling Calendar offers an interactive database of paddling events in the Northeast Region. You can browse, search, and add events.

Of the Paddlers ~ By the Paddlers ~ For the Paddlers

How NPMB got started…

Back in May 1996, when I had recently taken up the sport of whitewater canoeing, I was looking for information about where to paddle locally, and hoping to find other paddlers to hit the rivers with. I did not have a lot of luck finding either of these, and wondered if maybe there were other paddlers with the same problem.

This was around the time when the World Wide Web was just starting to be used more and more by regular people. An Internet link directory and search engine website called “Yahoo”, had just launched a highly-successful IPO. The concept for another Internet search engine was still just a glimmer in the eyes of two Stanford University computer science graduate students, and in a couple more years their idea would be know as “Google”.

At that time, I had been authoring webpages for about a year, both for my own needs and those of a few small businesses. I was familiar enough with the Internet to realize that it could potentially be a useful tool to find paddling information, and the paddlers I wanted to contact. I spent a good deal of time looking for a decent resource that might provide some good local information. My search returned no results. Then, I had an interesting idea… if I build it, maybe they will come 🙂

In 2016 NPMB Celebrated 20 Years Online!

NPMB has proudly offered this online resource to the paddling community since May 1996.

I hope you enjoy NPMB.

Happy Paddling!

Wayne Mercier
NPMB Founder and Site Administrator

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