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Photos submitted to this gallery will be considered for inclusion in the NPMB Calendars. – Just click the “Upload Photo” link below to add yours.

Littleton legdes on the Ammonoosuc
Littleton legdes on the Ammonoosuc (Crackedboat)
Ammonoosuc 1.jpg
Ammonoosuc 1.jpg (Crackedboat)
Tohickon 2
Tohickon 2 (marymack)
Tohickon River
Tohickon River (marymack)
Quality Time Together
Quality Time Together (dillonmarino)
RIP Richard
RIP Richard (dillonmarino)
Mist over the Gap September 2015
Mist over the Gap September 2015 (gozilla)
River Divas Day 2015
River Divas Day 2015 (RobinP)
Honey! Where did you go?
Honey! Where did you go? (RobinP)
Toaster (kayaker641)
Riding Out of Landing
Riding Out of Landing (Crackedboat)
Resurface (Crackedboat)
End of the Line
End of the Line (Crackedboat)
Winter Launch
Winter Launch (Crackedboat)
Winter Joys
Winter Joys (Crackedboat)
Calendar Photo
Calendar Photo (WayneM)

Notes for Calendar Photo Submissions:

  • Maximum photo upload size: 1400px by 1000px
  • Please include a nice photo name
  • Please be sure to include the following in the description:
    • paddlers’ names
    • photographer name
    • location, etc…
  • The orientation of the photo should be landscape (not portrait ).
  • Users can upload a maximum of 3 photos per 24 hour period
  • This album may be closed to uploads with little or no notice. So – upload while you can!

>> For your image to be used in the calendar, it must be available in HIGH RESOLUTION.

>> If your image is selected for the calendar, NPMB will contact you through the email address in your NPMB account, and ask you to email your high resolution image at that time.

When submitting photos it is VERY important that you:

1. Are the photographer who took the photo…
– or –
2. Have explicit permission from the photographer to submit the photo(s) to NPMB for inclusion in the calendar.

>> If you are not the photographer, NPMB will request that you contact the photographer and have that person send an email to NPMB giving permission to use the photo. If NPMB does not have formal permission from the photographer (on file in an email) to use the photo – it will not be used.


The annual NPMB Calendars are a great way to help show your support of this website. When you submit a photo you help NPMB create a selection of beautiful, colorful, and diverse paddling calendars. A nice showing of canoes, kayaks, rafts, SUPs, etc., is what NPMB is looking for.

When you purchase NPMB Calendars you are helping to support this website and keep it running, growing and improving. -Thanks!

The annual NPMB Calendars can be ordered online at the NPMB CafePress Shop

NOTICE: By uploading your image to this gallery you agree to grant NPMB royalty-free, non-exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the image in any form or medium either now known or hereinafter devised, and forego any payment or compensation for the image. By submitting your image to NPMB you are certifying that it is your own original image and does not violate any copyrights.

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