Nominate a Paddler

paddlerspotlightAny individual or group can nominate a paddler to be featured in the NPMB Paddler Spotlight. For example, a paddler may be nominated by a friend, relative, business associate, group of paddling buds, paddling club, etc.  Nominees and/or nominators do not have to be NPMB users/members. Of course, NPMB would like to see many members of our online paddling community honored here.

Some of the required items on the nomination form include:

  • The nominee’s contact information (email).
  • A short statement describing the reason for nomination.
  • Nominators are required to provide background material to substantiate the nomination. This could be in the form of a story, essay, narrative, or article. This material will be the featured content of the individual Paddler Spotlight page  – min. 300, max 1500 words.


  • Nominators and nominees are encouraged to provide one or two photos to accompany the article.
  • All photos must have photographer citations and permission for use.
  • Small to medium resolution photos are fine.
  • Please email any photos to (be sure to include citation info).

NPMB will contact the selected nominees by email (email address you provide) to notify them, request permission to post the article, and request the “Paddler Details” for the article sidebar.

To nominate an individual for the Paddler Spotlight, fill out the nomination form found at this link – Nomination Form

Note: To nominate a minor (under 18 years),  parent or legal guardian permission is required. Please get the appropriate permission before filling out the nomination form.

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