NPMB Paddler Spotlight

paddlerspotlightThe mission of  The NPMB Paddler Spotlight is to honor paddlers for their special contributions to the paddling community

NPMB would like to feature a new paddler in the spotlight about once a month, provided there is a nomination.

The paddlers featured here all share some of these qualities:

  • Community Leader
  • Competitive Athletic Role Model
  • Paddling Instructor or Coach
  • Paddling Advocate or Ambassador
  • Local Legend
  • Inspiring Group Leader
  • Access Crusader
  • Environmental Steward

Paddlers featured in the NPMB Paddler Spotlight are your paddling buds, club colleagues, paddling heroes, or anyone who inspires you and does good things for the paddling community.

NPMB has added a category called Paddler Memorial to allow the inclusion of those paddlers who have passed on.

For details on how to nominate a paddler, click here.

Recent Paddler Spotlights

Matt Hopkinson

My nomination for paddler of the month is Matt Hopkinson. Why you might ask if you know him? Well, I do believe it has to do with his inherit inbreed love of being in the outdoors and being on the water. The vessel does not seem to matter as he’s at home on the rivers, lakes, and ocean. A canoe, a kayak, maybe a raft, it’s all the same to him.

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Robin Pleshaw

Robin Pleshaw, patron saint of the wayward boater, is the first person I think of when I need any advice on boating. If she can’t answer me, she refers me to a person who can. Any time we’re at a put in or even within a 10 mile radius of a river, it seems like Robin knows everyone!

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